Jax Taylor Is in a Heated Twitter Debate About This Food Choice — But Is it Weird, or Not?!

Do you stand with or against the Vanderpump Rules' pal's position?

It seemed like an ordinary snacktime craving for Jax Taylor. And then, things took a turn...

On February 13, the Vanderpump Rules pal took to Twitter to share his longing for a bagel topped with turkey and cream cheese, and a coke. "Stat." Well! Jax's pal James Kennedy was horrified by the suggestion.

The DJ shared Jax's tweet, with an opinionated comment of his own: "Sounds gross bro lol," James wrote. Never one to take things lying down, Jax was quick defend his own bagel-based actions. "I like fresh deli turkey on a toasted bagel," he wrote. He added: "With cream cheese." Boom! "I guess I am gross then," the bartender concluded.

Take a look at the fighting, carb-loaded words, below: 

The plot thickened later, when Jax confessed that the only kind of bagel he eats is raisin. Wait, so does this mean that the turkey-cream-cheese combo also includes raisins?

Just wait till James catches wind of this one! We were okay with the savory selection, but now we're going to have to take a quick pause...

Or, at least a trip to the bagel shop to try this concoction for ourselves. After all, as equal-opportunity carb eaters, we'd never judge a bready bite without trying it first. 

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