Kristen Doute Invented a Drink Called (Wait for It!) "Crymax" for All Those SUR-Related Sob Sessions

Feeling weepy? Try this sweet strawberry pick-me-up from the former SURver.

Kristen Doute has invented a liquid salve for the precise kind of heartache that only happens in a certain corner of West Hollywood. The former Vanderpump Rules SURver created a cocktail called "Crymax," that was inspired by a sneaky tipple she and her co-workers used to make while on duty.

"The 'Crymax' is a wine-based cocktail that the O.G. girls of Vanderpump Rules and I invented and will forever love," she told People. "Back in my SUR Restaurant days, it was the easiest way to sneak a drink. I could leave it back in the employee area as it appeared to be nothing more than a virgin mocktail! We would simply request soda and strawberry purée from the bartenders while we stashed mini bottles of vino anywhere they would fit."

Her recipe, which she shared with the publication as the start of a weekly column of recipes pulled from her website Vegiholic, adds Sauvignon Blanc and cane sugar to the virgin mix to make it adult.

She explained that the drink is called Crymax because "99 percent of the time we would sip this glorious beverage, it was while bailing on our tables and bawling our eyes out in the employee bathroom. This drink is everything a SUR girl is: a little sweet (like Tom Schwartz on Monday’s episode), a little bubbly (Brittany), and a little bitter (Scheana).

Strawberry is also a favorite ingredient among SURvers like Kristen's ex Tom Sandoval, who recently shared his strawberry-spiked method for creating The Tsandy, an off-menu cocktail.

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