Kristen Doute Just Confessed Her Addiction... to Pasta

It is about the pasta for this #PumpRules gal.

If you watch Vanderpump Rules, you might know about this season's amazing and enduring obsession with pasta, which began with a nasty fight between James Kennedy and Lala Kent over something seemingly so innocent: Lala eating James' girlfriend Raquel's noodles.

"It's not about the pasta!" James screamed at Lala repeatedly, coining a catchphrase that will never die and driving their friendship into the dirt.

And Pastagate, as it's come to be called, seems to have rubbed off on James' ex Kristen Doute, who just claimed that she can't get enough of the stuff.

"I'm really over my current addiction to pasta," she wrote on Twitter.

Everyone is basically addicted to pasta though, right? Well... not quite as severely as Kristen seems to be. She's been trying to hide it from her man!

"I thought I could get away with secretively postmating spaghetti at noon," she wrote in another tweet. "Then Carter came home from work early so I’m owning my shame."

We're here for you, Kristen — just please share the pasta.

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