Lala Kent Has Sworn Off Eating This for 30 Days: "Wish Me Luck, Y'all"

The #PumpRules SURver had one last hurrah — then put her willpower to the ultimate test.

Looks like there will be no more double-fisting Doritos and champagne on the private plane for Lala Kent — or not any time soon at least — as she just announced on Instagram that she's spending the next month apart from carbohydrates of all sorts.

She put herself to a huge test right at the start by going to a donut shop with a seemingly endless case of treats, posting a video sweeping across the giant selection on her Instagram Stories with the caption "None for Lala." She's got the willpower of a champion right there.

Do you think you could resist those colorful rows and rows of candy-topped creations, cinnamon rolls, donut holes, apple fritters, and classic glazed sinkers?

"This was the last time i could have carbs until 30 days is up," she captioned a picture of her hungrily eating a barbecue sandwich. "Wish me luck, y’all," she wrote, adding a bread emoji.

If she can pass the donut challenge, staying carb free for a month should be a piece of cake. (Er... you know what we mean.)

Photo: Lala Kent/Instagram

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