Stassi Schroeder's Boyfriend Beau Clark Has This Very Strict Rule When Eating Oysters

The Vanderpump Rules boyfriend takes oysters seriously.

Many who set out to slurp oysters require a few things on the side. Mignonette sauce is always nice, as are lemon wedges — a bit of horseradish never hurts, either. But Beau Clark, Stassi Schroeder's boyfriend, also requires saltines. And when we say requires, we mean the Vanderpump Rules boyfriend will not eat his oysters without the crackers. No way, no how. 

On July 24, Stassi took to Instagram to regale followers with this tale about her boyfriend's oyster-eating habits. Showing a photo of Clark eating a cracker topped with cocktail sauce and an oyster, the SURver shared: "Literally went to the local gas station to get saltines."

Photo: @stassischroeder/Instagram Stories

Hey, why question a man's way of eating oysters? If we're confessing things here, we cringe at the mere thought of having movie popcorn without Junior Mints dropped in! 

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