See the Madness That Is Tom Sandoval's Kitchen While He's Menu Testing for Tom Tom

No one's going thirsty at Tom Tom restaurant if Tom Sandoval's cocktail-testing video is any indication.

Anyone need a drink? Tom Sandoval should be able to help you out. The SURver's kitchen, as shown on his April 19 Instagram Stories, is currently covered in bottles of every type of tipple you could imagine, ranging from Grand Marnier to Kahlua, Maker's Mark whiskey, and Hendrick's gin. 

But, don't go thinking this was a Thursday-night rager at chez Tom. There was some serious work going down in that kitchen, even amid all that temptation to get tipsy. Tom's bestie and business partner, Tom Schwartz, was also at the scene of many bottles. And together, the two were doing some menu research for their upcoming restaurant Tom Tom

Narrating the cluttered scene, Tom Sandoval shared: "It's experiment time." Tom Schwartz jokingly replied: "I've made a mess. I've got to go, though!" Indeed, who would want to hang around to clear up this situation? 

Photos: Tom Sandoval/Instagram

Tom Tom is getting ever closer to its opening day, and Sandoval we can't wait to buy our first round at the Beverly Hills restaurant. By then, we presume the cocktail curation that came from all these bottles will be fully complete... and impeccable.

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