Tom Schwartz Had Some Fighting Words When He Got the Wrong Sandwich at Whole Foods

The SURver made a scandalous remark on Instagram Stories. 

Tom Schwartz seems to just magically mesh with anyone else named Tom. After all, his BFF and business partner is another Tom by the name of Sandoval — perhaps you've heard of him. And somewhere in Los Angeles, there's yet another Tom who has Schwartz's same taste in sandwiches. Kismet! Here's the story of that time Whole Foods gave Schwartz a sandwich that was actually meant for another Tom.

On September 7, the Vanderpump Rules pal shared a snap of a rather delicious-looking sandwich on Instagram. Served on a seeded roll, the sandwich looked to contain turkey, arugula, and banana peppers. But, it was what the sandwich was missing that prompted the whole scandal to unfold. 

In his caption, Schwartz wrote: "Dear other Tom in [Whole Foods] Burbank. I got your sandwich by accident. It's OK. Hopefully you enjoy mine. Thanks for not liking mayonnaise. Can't trust people who like mayonnaise." Yep, it's true: Tom Schwartz is part of the anti-mayo movement. Take a look for yourself: 

Photo: Tom Schwartz/Instagram

Seems like there are two kinds of people in the world — those who love mayo, and those who hate it — right? How do you feel about mayo?

Well, this is where we come clean and tell you, in sotto voice: We love mayo. But we also love Tom. How to reconcile the two? We'll be pondering this over a turkey-avocado sandwich plied with you-know-what. 

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