What Would Tom Sandoval Want for His Last Meal on Earth?

The #PumpRules mactor has carb cravings that are all of us.

Tom Sandoval may be living in health-conscious Los Angeles, but the Vanderpump Rules mactor (that's model/actor, for those unfamiliar) easily reverts to his Midwest-bred tastes when asked to dream up what he'd choose as his his ultimate last meal.

"I think it would just be a medium rare filet," he tells The Feast (clip above).

Hey, he can get that right at SUR Restaurant! Anything else?

"Maybe some pizza and a filet and then some beers," he says, beginning to really indulge in his mind's eye. His #PumpRules pal Tom Schwartz recommends pizza as an ideal hangover cure, so that could remedy any discomfort before... you know, the end.

And anyway, before the end could possibly come, there'd have to be dessert. 

"Dessert would probably have to be one of those frozen ice cream cakes with the crunchy cookie in it. I'd be good with that."

So would we, Tom. So would we. 

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