All of the Times the SURvers Couldn't Keep It in Their Pants

Here are all of the times the SURvers have hooked up with each other...

Scheana's Wild Sleepover

Ariana, Lala, Scheana, Katie, and Faith get frisky and make out with each other while the boys are in Vegas.

The SUR Men Kiss in Vegas

After seeing photos of Ariana, Lala, Scheana, Katie, and Faith making out, the guys try to get even...

Tom Schwartz Comes Clean

When Katie Maloney confronts her boyfriend Tom Schwartz about cheating rumors, he admits he made out with another girl.

Tom Finally Confesses

Tom Sandoval finally comes clean about what happened between him and Ariana in Las Vegas.

A Three Way Kiss

Vanderpump Rules S4/E8. Ariana, Lala, and Scheana fondly remember the sleepover and try to determine who the best kisser is...

Tom Drops a Bomb on Katie

After finding out Kristen Doute knows the truth about Vegas, Tom Schwartz decides to come clean about what happened to Katie Maloney.

Tom and Jax Come to Blows

Tom Sandoval questions if Jax Taylor can feel anything before exacting vengeance on him for sleeping with his girlfriend.