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Vanderpump Rules

See You Next Tuesday

S6/EP6 | Aired:
January 15, 2018
Ariana's role in releasing Jax's scandalous audio recording leads to a fight with Sandoval that threatens their relationship. At SUR, James hustles to make sure his first DJ event is a smashing success. Lisa marvels at Brittany's dedication to Jax. (43:24)
Vanderpump Rules

Sex, Lies and Audiotape

S6/EP5 | Aired:
January 8, 2018
Jax and Brittany host a housewarming party to prove their relationship is mended, but the evening devolves into madness when a devastating audio recording surfaces. Lisa and Katie take Schwartz to task, while Kristen tells Scheana a rumor about Rob. (43:24)
Vanderpump Rules


S6/EP4 | Aired:
January 1, 2018
When Lala learns Katie has been talking about her relationship, she drops a bombshell that could break Katie’s heart. Schwartz and Sandoval try to prove their commitment to partnering with Lisa Vanderpump. Stassi struggles as SUR’s new event planner. (43:24)
Vanderpump Rules

Back in the Saddle

S6/EP3 | Aired:
December 18, 2017
Brittany's girlfriends put aside their differences and throw a Kentucky-themed party to help cure her heartache, but the group learns Jax's indiscretion may not have been a one-time thing. Lala returns to SUR for Lisa’s forgiveness- and her job. (43:24)
Vanderpump Rules


S6/EP2 | Aired:
December 11, 2017
A revelation makes Brittany flee L.A. Stassi reconnects with her ex-boyfriend and ex-boss, while James attempts to reclaim his DJ job at SUR. Lisa serves as grand marshal of the Long Beach Gay Pride parade. (43:24)
Vanderpump Rules


S6/EP1 | Aired:
December 4, 2017
Scheana throws a lavish birthday party, but things get tense when she leaves Katie and Stassi off the guest list. Lisa overhears Sandoval complaining about her management style. A vicious rumor circulates that could destroy a relationship for good. (43:24)

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