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Vanderpump Rules

Taco Tuesday, Wedding Wednesday

S5/EP20 | Aired:
March 20, 2017
Katie and Tom's wedding is here. Jax and Tom surprise Schwartz by flying in his brothers. Stassi is moved to tears when she and Lisa bury the hatchet. Scheana insists her relationship with Shay is perfect, but Lisa suspects she is hiding something. (43:24)
Vanderpump Rules

Triple Trouble

S5/EP19 | Aired:
March 13, 2017
When Lala returns to SUR, Lisa makes it clear that her behavior will no longer be tolerated. Jax and Sandoval arrange to fly in Schwartz's brothers as a surprise. Scheana announces her plan to have a baby despite her relationship issues with Shay. (43:24)
Vanderpump Rules

Regrets Only

S5/EP18 | Aired:
March 6, 2017
Lisa forces Katie and Tom to reexamine their relationship. Stassi fumbles through her first blind date with the help of Kristen's questionable advice. Lisa organizes another SUR photo shoot, with Tom and Ariana wearing nothing but food. (43:24)
Vanderpump Rules

Drag Battle

S5/EP17 | Aired:
February 27, 2017
The epic New Orleans blowout continues, with Schwartz and Sandoval fiercely refuting the cheating accusations. Kristen confronts Sandoval about trying to ruin her new relationship. Katie and Schwartz bury their issues on a wild last night in Nola. (43:24)
Vanderpump Rules

Man Tears and Braziers

S5/EP16 | Aired:
February 20, 2017
Ariana and the groomsmen go on a gator tour, where the boys are reduced to tears. Gender stereotypes are flipped when Kristen hires a female stripper for the girls while the boys tuck in, tape up, and get beautiful in full drag. (43:24)
Vanderpump Rules

Beads, Beers and Tears

S5/EP15 | Aired:
February 13, 2017
Tom and Katie's fighting reaches a new level, leaving the group wondering if they should get married at all. The bachelor/bachelorette party kicks off with plenty of debauchery, but Sandoval stirs up trouble when he tells Katie she needs therapy. (43:24)

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