Gordon Ramsay Insults Chrissy Teigen's Meatballs, Says Martha Stewart's Salad "Caught a Disease"

But how do you really feel, Gordon?

We all know that Gordon Ramsay isn't one to mince words. The foul-mouthed chef is famous for his angry rants and scathing insults on his hit TV show Hell's Kitchen. But his nasty critques aren't reserved for wanna-be TV stars; he's also become Twitter's most vocal food critic. In one of the most hilarious things you'll see on Twitter, home cooks have been Tweeting photos of their dishes to Ramsay, in hopes that he'll respond with a word of praise—or more likely, a roast.

Ramsay's insults aren't just for home cooks, however. On Watch What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the temperamental chef offered up his very candid thoughts about some celebrity food photos—but only found out which celeb posted the pic after he gave his critique.

First up was a photo of meatballs on a hot dog bun that was turned into garlic bread. "Yeah, that's disgusting, it looks like a seagull s*** all over it," Ramsay declared. Turns out it was Chrissy Teigen's food snap.

Ramsay said an iceberg wedge salad smothered with creamy Russian dressing "looks like it's caught a disease." We're guessing Martha Stewart would not be pleased with his diss of her dish.

He also said Kristin Cavelleri's zucchini bread "looks like a log stuck in the toilet," roasted Priyanka Chopra's soup, and—say it isn't so!—even took a dig at avocado toast.

Ramsay was also asked if he'd ever regretted being hard on a contestant on Hell's Kitchen. "Fox, they run a show and I run a restaurant, so we keep it really real, and that's really important for me, not just integrity-wise, but we've got a big prize to give away at the end, and I've gotta find the best chef," he explained. "I'm not gonna turn around and say, 'Please be so kind, pass me the sea bass, and don't worry about screwing up table seven, they've just been waiting 40 minutes," he added, defending his "occasional F-word" on the show.

Hmm... the "occasional F-word"? That might be first time we've ever heard Ramsay sugarcoat something.

Watch the full video below:

Watch What Happens Live
Has Gordon Ramsay Regretted Being Hard on a Contestant?
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay tells a WWHL caller if he’s ever regretted being too hard on a “Hell’s Kitchen” contestant and Gordon defends his actions on the show.

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