Sean Avery Shares His "Baller" Rules for Success in the Bar Business — And Bethenny Frankel Has Mad "Respect"

"[Give] Goldman Sachs guys or whoever the rich guys are in town... a private place to do big lines of blow."

Former NHL player and Andy Cohen's bestie Sean Avery (the two were so close they were once rumored to be engaged) shared some of his secrets to being a successful bar owner on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

He owns Warren 77 and Tiny's and the Bar Upstairs in New York City, and he reveals his formula in his new memoir Ice Capades. But apart from the book, Andy also wanted him to read those rules aloud to fellow guest Bethenny Frankel because he thinks they are "very baller rules."

"Find an honest man," he started, reading from his book (clip above). "Make him your manager. Pay him handsomely and give him a piece of equity in the bar. Cover the top of your basement cooler in glass so the Goldman Sachs guys or whoever the rich guys are in town are have a private place to do big lines of blow in privacy."

Think that was the end of scandalousness? Hold his beer.

"Waitresses need to be hot single chicks who make the client feel like anything's possible," he continued, sheepishly. "Play a lot of Rolling Stones. Let Eddie Vedder drink straight from an $800 bottle of wine after he singlehandedly destroys 20,000 people at MSG two hours earlier. Play lots of Pearl Jam. Fry your French fries in duck fat. Have Warhol paintings and Diane Arbus photos on the walls. Make sure John McEnroe comes to opening night and Page Six reports about it. Never charge the wolf, Harvey Keitel, and indeed never charge anyone famous. Put Molson Canadian on tap. Pay your sales tax on time."

Listening all along, what did Bethenny have to say at the end? "Respect!"

So there you have it. Don't say no one ever gave you a blueprint for success!

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