Andy Cohen Has Been Named Pride Ambassador for This Exciting Beach City Filled With "Beautiful Guys"

The Watch What Happens Live host is heading to a far-flung destination for the celebration.

Andy Cohen has been just everywhere on the planet — and has compiled a personal album of dreamy snaps to inspire serious wanderlust among fans and followers. (You know, just that one time he ended up on holiday in a pristine island paradise with a bevy of A-list stars...) And now, the What Happens Live with Andy Cohen is preparing to jet off clear across the world to a far-flung destination where he is set to become the 2018 International Ambassador of the June Pride festivities: Tel Aviv, Israel!

This is both a fabulous win for Israel's LGBT community, of course — hey, they get to borrow Andy for a while — but also a huge win for Andy, and a very fortuitous one.

Consider that Andy told Jet Set in an interview last year that Tel Aviv was looming large on his bucket list: "I've never been to Israel," he says. "It's the land of my people! It's where it all started!"

Sure, sure, ancestral significance and all — but Andy had his eyes on another prize as well: "Beautiful guys, too," he told us.

Andy further described why he figures Israel is home to some of the world's hottest men: "People are more themselves in New York, Brazil, and Israel." And that's hot.

So have fun, Andy!

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