NYC Versus L.A. Smackdown! Andy Cohen Sets the Record Straight on Which City Does Everything Better

The #WWHL host breaks it down (and pulls no punches).

With a week-long Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen residency in Los Angeles going down at the Palace Theatre, the New Yorker has plenty of thoughts on how the two cities compare. Devoted Manhattanite Andy Cohen has long been a regular traveler to L.A., so he knows a thing or two about how the two cities compare — at least in his own highly opinionated assessment.

Here's where Andy stands on which city does it better in categories like...




"New York"


"New York"

Gay Bars.  

"New York"


"New York"


"New York"

People Watching

"New York. There are no people anywhere in L.A. — they're all in their cars."

Equinox Gym People Watching

"L.A., because they’re all models and actors and full-release massage artists."

More Annoying Tourists

"I think tourists are wonderful no matter where." [And yes, he's being diplomatic — see the clip!]

Late-Night TV

"New York"

Juice Bars

"Probably L.A., but I’m not a big juice bar guy."

Paparazzi and TMZ Getting in Your Face

"Nobody’s staking me out!"

Small Talk That Doesn't Involve the Weather

"New York, because in L.A., all people do is talk about entertainment."

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