100th Episode

Andy Cohen gets nostalgic.

Tonight is the 100th episode of Top Chef, and we’re celebrating with the big guns: Tom Colicchio is COOKING!
This is actually a big deal because it’s never happened on Top Chef! We’ve been fooling around with ways to get Tom to cook since the early days of Season 1 in San Francisco. I remember at that time Tom suggesting that he stop by the chefs' house and cooking a dinner for them. I can’t remember why it didn’t happen, but it didn’t.
I’m not going to tell you the context in which he cooks, but it is GREAT and clever and fun and exciting. And a total shock to the chefs. I can’t believe we’ve reached 100 episodes of this great show! This season is bigger and better and more exciting than any in our history. I love the show, and my all time favorite production experience was our Top Chef Season 2 finale in Hawaii. Ilan Hall won after an intensely dramatic season and the week in Hawaii was too fun to be considered work, and a lot of laughs. And a few stories I can’t print on this blog.
In case you’re wondering, the reunion of the Beverly Hills Housewives yesterday was fantastic and dramatic, with a few more tears than I expected.  We started shooting around 1:45 in the afternoon and wrapped after 9 p.m. And the husbands showed up. And Giggy. More on that later.
I have meetings all day in L.A. and am heading back on the last flight. If you are missing me terribly, I will be on Morning Joe tomorrow morning around 8:40 am. See you then!

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