Emmy and Reunion!

Andy wonders whether 'Top Chef' finally won because he wasn't there to see it in person!

The AMAZING-EST thing happened last night when Top Chef took home the Best Reality Competition Emmy, beating Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, and perennial winner Amazing Race!! I think my not being at the Emmys for the first time in many years was the thing that pushed it over the edge. Well, that and another amazing season (we won for Top Chef Las Vegas.)

I am so proud of the show and excited for everybody involved. Top Chef has always made me really happy, and it still sometimes makes me cry -- that's how much I go with it. When they said Top Chef, I, like my colleagues who were bewildered at the Nokia Theatre, lived the next few minutes in slow-mo. After sitting through many losses, it was surreal and shocking to actually win. We all thought every year that if it wasn't AR, Idol would finally win.

I officially have an Emmy hangover. Here's Bravo Exec -- and TC Exec Producer -- Dave Serwatka in his seat last night. I bet he has a hangover this morning....


And here's Tom and his wife Lori at the Governors Ball.


There's more to celebrate tonight on Bravo as the New Jersey wives are under one roof for the first time in a year. We will have a lot to discuss tomorrow, let me put it that way..... As always, I took some FlipCam videos behind the scenes for you guys to give you a first hand look at how tense and surreal it is all day, and here they are:

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