What a Night

Andy Cohen recounts his night in NYC.

Congratulations to our new Top Chef! I am not writing his name because I know my sister hasn't seen it yet and if she reads the name, then I have ruined it. On the other hand, I should be rewarding people who watched it live -- as it is meant to be seen. Well this is a dilemna that won't be solved right now. Tom's blog today is really good, and he explains what it came down to (simply, the best meal of the night.) One of our goals when casting this season was to create a talent pool even enough that it not ever be obvious who was going to win; I think that made things interesting up to the end. There's much to talk about at next week's reunion, I'll tell you that. And I am really hoping you saw Top Chef Just Desserts because that is nothing but fun. And drama. And gay. And sweet, sweet food. And speaking of sweet gay drama, I hope you'll join me tonight live in the Clubhouse at 10 p.m. EST (right after DC) for our Two Cats in a Bag Spectacular featuring Ramona and Cat. Can you imagine those two ladies in the same room? I am intrigued. Last night was a Manhattan whirlwind that started at De Santos on West 10th Street for a dinner thrown by Details magazine honoring coverboy (and fellow St. Louisan) Jon Hamm. It was a lot of funnypeeps like Bill Hader and Jack McBreyer and maybe my FAVE funnylady Kristin Wiig (we went deep about NJ reunion), and a lot of happening fashion folks like Thom Browne, and imagine my glee when lo and behold the lady of the night Miss Padma Lakshmi arrived. I didn't know she'd be there and it seemed fitting given that it was Top Chef day all around. From the dinner, I headed to Craft for a big finale party thrown by the Singapore Tourism Bureau and Food & Wine magazine. It was a love-fest for the show and for Gail, who had herself a big night. The whole crew was there, from Top Chef Masters winner Marcus Samuelson to Eric Ripert and Tom and Pads and Ed and on and on.... It was a great celebration. And from there It was the opening of Bedlam on Avenue C. This is an awesome new bar that my buddy opened. I loved it! He made a deal with me that he'll let me dj one night (I am being serious), so I'll let you know when that's going to happen because it actually might be fun. It actually WILL be fun. This morning I was on The Wendy Williams Show and had a blast with that lady! Is she Jewish, by the way? She could be. I love her. OK I am heading to see Isaac Mizrahi's fashion show, which will definitely be an event. See you live at 10!

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