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on May 15, 2007

1. Tonight at 10pm, "Watch What Happens" moves from to Bravo, when I host the big "Work Out" Reunion Show. There's a lot of drama and fun. Seriously.

2. Yesterday, Page 6 reported that Aretha has a new man and that they are engaged. The man's name is either Willie Willington or Wally Wallington. (I still may be wrong but I am close, which for a blogger actually is akin to being factually correct.) They had a pic of the two of them strolling around town. Aretha had on pants. If you know about Aretha then you know that this lady has had crap luck when it comes to men. I do not wanna go there in print, but I do want to commit myself to some deep, deep prayers that Aretha is gonna have a long and wonderful relationship with this man. She deserves it.

3. I have more Aretha news! Bruce emailed me out of the blue yesterday afternoon from the Philadelphia Palm to let me know that the Queen of Soul had stopped in for lunch! I don't know if Willy Willington (or Wally Wallington) was there, but I am sure she had a great meal! This is news you can use, people! An Aretha World Exclusive! 4. After I got the scoop on Aretha's lunch, I got a Joan Van Ark World Exclusive from Liza via "Access Hollywood".... "I thought you'd appreciate this," she emailed. "They just did a story on 'Access Hollywood' about Joan Van Ark and the fact that she's so thin that people are referring to her as 'Bone Van Ark.'" Thanks for the update, Liza!