Andys Blog

Andy Cohen shares his lazy day in NYC.

on Mar 5, 2007

Something happened on Saturday that enabled me to see all the "Real Housewives" together under one roof with "Work Out" SuperTrainer Jackie Warner.

You know how sometimes certain people shouldn't be together, like the Carringtons and the Ewings? That's kind of what it was like.

It's not because Jackie and Vicki Gunvalson didn't get along -- it's just a brain twister seeing them all together. It is fun regardless.

I grabbed the Red Eye back to New York on Saturday night. On my way to flights, I like to duck into the Chili's at LAX and order the grilled chicken sandwich. I don't know what kind of buttery crack cocaine they spread on that bun, but it is something that keeps me coming back for more. Gail Simmons might call it "craveable." She also might call it gross. I don't know, that's up to Gail.

There was a man across the aisle from me on that red eye making a stanky stink over his stanky pooch which was in a cage-let in front of his seat. I could hear every detail of this man's mishigash with his bite-sized pooch even WITH my iPod AND under the influence of Ambien and white wine. He almost ruined my trip, so to speak.