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on Apr 27, 2007

There is something perfect about waking up in Los Angeles, putting on a snuggly robe, and hitting your hotel terrace with coffee and a crisp New York Post. De-lish.

That's how my day started yesterday. I was reading about the Post's theory that Rosie decided to leave the View the moment she was backstabbed by Babs when I got an email from our PR team asking if I'd do an interview for "Extra" about Rosie's next move.

They came to my hotel and I blither- blathered about how she should go to cable because you can get away with saying more. And I said that if she does a political show she should have someone who repped a counterpoint to her point.......and then I hit it and went to the set of the "Watch What Happens Work Out Reunion Show."

I've said it before and I will keep saying it, hanging out with reality stars is like being on a tv show because they are as themselves in person as they are on tv. Get it?