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on Apr 11, 2006

I stopped by CBS Television City to say "hi" to Ricki Lake on Saturday. Ricki was there taping "Game Show Marathon" which will run on CBS later this year, featuring Ricki hosting a bunch of classic gamers like "Let's Make a Deal," "Card Sharks" and "Match Game."

Since I was required to sign a five million dollar confidentiality agreement on my way into the studio, there is little to nothing that I can say about the actual shoot or show.

I don't think I will get sued for saying that Ricki is taping in the studio next door to American Idol and that her dressing room is directly across from Simon Cowell's. I think it would be very problematic if I alleged that I saw a puddle of Vicodin and Xanax in front of Paula's dressing room, but I would be completely lying so I would never even report such a thing.

I do know that the lawyers won't bust me for saying that I absolutely pigged out at the craft service table. I never met a craft service table I didn't love!

I made four stops at the "Game Show Marathon" table where I made friends with several crew folk and two CBS pages, and ate salami, broccoli and dip, Cool Ranch Doritos, an apple, 2 hard-boiled egg whites, freshly baked cookies, cauliflower, pretzels, cold turkey and a handful of jolly ranchers. And I ate dark chocolate eggs in Ricki's dressing room.