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Andy Cohen attends the Top Chef book signing in NYC.

on Apr 16, 2008

Ok I got lots of bibs and bobs and nibs and nobs and whatnots and whozits and shut the hell up and say something. In NO particular order:

Hopefully you saw Bravo's announcement that we've picked up "Flipping Out" and "Guide to Style" and "Million Dollar Listing" and "Millionaire Matchmaker" and "Shear Genius" and "Top Design" and a lot more. We have been busy at the Bravo and we're really excited about these and a whole lot of brand new shows, like "The Real Housewives of New Jersey". Uh huh. You heard me, Carmello.

The Pontiff is coming to NYC and cocking up traffic like you wouldn't believe. Is it worth it?

There was an interesting piece in Sunday's New York Post comparing Katie Couric and Hillary Clinton, saying that women are put to a higher standard and have to endure way harsher criticism than their male counterparts. I agree about Katie and disagree about Hillary. It was thoughtful nonetheless.