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Andy Cohen dishes on who has a reservation.

on Feb 13, 2007

I was on the Equinox treadmill last night held hostage by the plasma in front of me which blared Entertainment Tonight's exhaustive coverage of all things Anna. I've always thought that watching ET was like watching the world end, but seeing Mark Steines with Howard K. Stern is proof that it's here. Pack your knives and go, citizens of the world, the planet is calling it quits.

There is indeed a special place in hell being readied as we speak for Howard K Stern, who looks to have accepted a sizeable ET payment to let them bottom feed on the floor of his poopy birdcage as he does whatever it is he is doing.

When it was over, I scrubbed myself with soap and put some on my eyes for good measure. I felt like going to church, so I did the next best thing - hit my dvr for the most socially responsible episode of Oprah that I could find.

I landed on a Lisa Ling-driven hour about child slaves in Ghana and one Missouri mother who saw a pic in the New York Times that led her to get off her butt and rescue a sweet boy. A very moving story indeed.