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Andy Cohen considers asthetics from LAX.

on May 18, 2007

Is that just a given? Airports and casinos consistently place miles and miles of puke below us. Is that why people look worse in casinos and airports? Might they just consider a dark Sisal rug or just plain dark green? Is there a non-offensive, non-puke middle ground that we can consider? Is this a "Top Design" challenge in the making?

So this is on my mind as I sit in LAX this morning analyzing that which is aesthetically not pleasing.

Speaking of ugly, there's a big pic of Joey Butt-afuoco planting a kiss on a smiling Amy Fisher in today's NY Post. Eeeew. Did I actually fall for Amy's song and dance when she was crying on Oprah last year about how Joey ruined her, took advantage of her youth ... and now she takes a big check from "The Insider" to "reunite" with him?

I need to say here and now, for the record: Amy Fisher, I am done with you forever and officially. You are as dead to me as the carpeting at Newark. (That's very dead.)