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Andy Cohen meets a gigilo!

on Oct 24, 2007

Last night I went to what some might call a book party, and some would call a simply a gaggle of gays.

My date was Nutritional Psychologist Dr. Amanda Baten and the party was celebrating the launch of Lance Bass' OUT OF SYNC.

The function was somewhere I never knew existed, Azza on East 55th Street. It is an amazing, large disco-y chillax meets Turkish smoking den. And Robin Byrd was there, which was very exciting. So was "The Baroness", an early 90's club fixture. The Baroness, who must be solidly 90 at this point, still was sporting a jaunty hat, wig, and perfect ruby red lipstick. We spoke and she still has more marbles than a famous lesbian doglovin' daytime talk show host! Bless you, Baroness! Keep on truckin', Brit's album is out in days, and it'll make the 90 year wait worth it! The other guests were otherwise all beautiful girls (like Dr. B) with their gay pals.

Before we split, we sat down on a couch next to an adorable man-boy and struck up a convo. He was an actor from Mississippi that I will call "Jay". He was dimpled and tall, with thick short hair, square jaw and skin like Matthew Broderick (that means it's like a bucket of cream).

People love to open up to a shrink, and within seconds he was telling Dr. B and I his story.