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Andy's thoughts on the first episode of Project Runway.

on Nov 15, 2007

I hope you're in. I feel bad that Simone had to be the first to be out. I actually feel bad for anybody who's the first to go, but I always say there are no losers on these shows and I hope she agrees. What a superstar she looks like.

Speaking of superstars, should we do a "Shear Genius" challenge to replicate Christian's hairdo? We did Vidal Sassoon's "Nancy Kwan Bob" and now it's time for "the Christian". Is it humanly possible? I feel like all it needs is a gust of wind and it might serve as a propeller of sorts and he could just whiz around Mood, powered by his 'do.

It was great seeing Tim roaming through the workroom again. What about his reaction to Elisa's dress? The look on his face... priceless. You will agree soon that Tim is especially hilarious and loose this season. By the way, get psyched for tonight's new "Tim Gunn's Guide To Style".