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Andy Cohen spreads some holiday cheer.

on Dec 21, 2006

MICHAEL JACKSON: it was reported yesterday by the venerable National Enquirer that the former King of Pop would be using Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing: Hollywood" to sell his Neverland Ranch. Sold!

If anyone is fit to produce the television spectacular of MJ's Neverland open house and could deliver Jackson a great deal on his not very kid-safe ranch, it is World of Wonder honchos Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey.

MJ, they await your call to finish up the paperwork and assign you the Million Dollar Listing realtor that will best fit your needs. (I am thinking it's a toss-up between Dia and Madison Hildebrand.) Jackson's spokeslady, Miss Raymone K. Bain, put out a press release on the matter this morning (that lady will issue a press release to announce a press release) saying that Mr. Jackson ain't selling Neverland and that he has (unfortunately) no affiliation with Bravo. What she did not mention was that the source of the story was the National Enquirer. That being said, if it's written one place, people will just keep printing it, so I get it.

The blessing in all this is that I think I can FINALLY cross Ms. Bain off my Christmas list! She and her client are getting a DVD set of "Million Dollar Listing: Season 1." They are gonna love it!

Miss Raymone Bain and her press release cannot stop me from trying to visualize the open house and, specifically who would buy Neverland. I am thinking Dolly Parton could do something with the place. If Paul Reubens was still doing the Pee Wee thing he could create a live/work environment that would amortize costs beautifully. It could also be appropriate for pretty much any one of the Real Housewives of Orange County.