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on Dec 21, 2006

YOU TUBE: I have been sick for the past week essentially and have spent a ton of horizontal time fishing around non-pornographic websites on my Mac. There are some gifts besides Amy Sedaris that keep on givin', and at the top of that list is YouTube. I know that this is a given, but I have gotten so much pleasure from this site over the past week that I am re-marvelling at it's sheer existence.

I have watched, shared, and worshipped the "Diamond Fashion Show" from 1985's "Night of 100 Stars" -- featuring Lisa Hartman, Gloria Loring, Linder Evans, La Lucci, and a ton of other "superstars" wearing insane 80s fashion. I watched Lucille Ball on "Dinah!" describe each encounter and interaction she had with four Presidents and First Ladies. This is news I can use -- fascinating stuff! If I was with Lucy that's exactly what I'd want to know. I watched someone's home video of the St. Louis Cardinals World Series Parade. I saw Joan Rivers (hosting the Tonight show) interviewing Olivia Neutron Bomb and John Travolta. And Joan interviewing the Go-Gos. I saw (for the 30th time) Susan Lucci win her Emmy. I watched a ton of Diana Ross and if I continue to go on about what else I watched it will sound gayer than even I can handle.

The fact is that this is the stuff I used to save on VHS because I'd be scared I could never see it again. I have boxes of VHS tapes of the most random off-the-air stuff I recorded for my own personal TV museum. I thought it would be quite crafty to also see the original commercials that aired around the shows, too. Besides Lucci's Emmy win (one of the classic live TV moments ever), I don't think I've gone back and watched much of anything. How cool for all this stuff to be available to us all to see and enjoy. I love the Museum of TV and Radio, but when I am on my back with strep throat, I thank YouTube for keeping me company.

NIBLETS: Was anyone else horrified by the redesigned, updated BETTY AND VERONICA? Both look like they've had insane and unnecessary nose jobs! Surgeons, please keep your mitts off Ms. Veronica Lodge.... But don't stop asking our PRESIDENT what he thinks of Mary Cheney's pregnancy. There is nothing the guy can say on this issue that doesn't come out like the disaster it should.

At his press conference yesterday, he said, "this is a personal matter for the Vice President and his family. I strongly support their privacy on the issue, although there's nothing private when you happen to be the President or the Vice President. I recognize that."

Huh? And Whaaa? Maybe HE should go live at Neverland?.... I am loving the ROSIE v. TRUMP Xmas feud. She questions his role as the moral arbiter for 20-year-old Miss USA's and his response is to call her fat and say he's going to sue. Now that's funny!!

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