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Andy Cohen returns after an awards show in LA.

on Mar 17, 2008

It is good to be back home after a good and very busy week in LA.

Saturday was a blast at the HRC Heroes awards, where Bravo was honored with the Corporate Visibility Award. Our table was fairly hilarious as it consisted of Ricki Lake, Christian Siriano with his pal Jack who wore a vest, Nick Verreos and his boyfriend David Paul, Jesse Brune with Kailen, and Bravo's Cori Abraham and Brenda Lowry. And my parents.

Do you think it is appropriate that some guy said the following to my dad on the way out of the bathroom: "the best thing is that anything that comes out of your dick, no matter what, feels good." WHAT IS THAT? Is it apropos banter to my FATHER at an HRC event at the CENTURY PLAZA, the joint that calls itself the 'Western White House'?

I asked my dad how he replied to this person's convostopper. He said that he nodded. That is an appropriate enough response. Was the guy making a friendly observation? Whaaasup? I think he was.