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Andy recounts his time backstage with the ladies of The View.

on Apr 28, 2006

Before I get to the winners and losers of the week, I'd be remiss in not reporting on my time on West 67th (or is it 66th?) Street with the Ladies of The View, where I appeared live on Wednesday to show clips from Bravo's Outrageous and Contagious Viral Videos.

I will cut to the chase: Star and Joy had a massive fight before the show and Joy inadvertently gave Elizabeth a black eye when she tried to intercede...and THAT'S why Elizabeth wasn't in the first segment of "Hot Topics." See -- she was gettin' that eye touched up! Oh, and Joy wears a wig. Oh, and of course none of that is true.

I had a great time at the show and there is precious little to report. I was in makeup (the ladies all share one big makeup room which is probably a very smart way to maintain parity) and spied some hair on a wigstand and asked my makeup lady if it was Star's. It unfortunately wasn't. That's about as dishy as it didn't get.

In the green room during the show, I sat with fellow guests Carnie Wilson and her entourage of three, Angela Bassett with her entourage of five (I think), and my entourage, Bonita from Bravo. The conversation centered on Carnie's recent experience taping "Celebrity Fit Club 7" (or 3 or 4). As I listened to the convo, I checked in with myself. "How am I feeling?" I wondered. "Good," I thought. "I am feeling calm and good."