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on Apr 28, 2006


MAURY'S PRODUCER: Povich has had a bad week (what with a lawsuit by former co-workers featuring allegations of a wild and reckless workplace and an extramarital affair between MP and a producer) so he's gotta be a loser too. But, what did these producer expect when signing up to work at a three-ring circus? Lunches at the National Press Club?

PARIS: Ms. Hilton has an imposter in the form of a lookalike former stripper from Scores who's running around NYC getting into clubs pretending to be the REAL stripping Hilton, and promptly getting herself banned from those clubs when they realize she's the fake stripper. It's a real mess for Pare because this is snowballing the already-in-process Paris-backlash. The clubs she's not already banned from for being her, are making her persona non grata for being someone else even before she steps in the door! Get it? It's kind of one big existential "theory" really, but I feel this backlash taking form on the streets in a real down and dirty way so I think this imposter is having an effect.

Now, does anybody know a Jessica Simpson imposter?

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