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What was in the gift bags at the Glamor Mag party? Andy reveals the secret.

on Feb 17, 2006

First things first - news hit the wires on Wednesday that Willie Nelson had written and released a new cowboy love song called "Cowboys are Frequently, Secretly (Fond of Each Other)" available on itunes.

The story made it on the Drudge Report and everywhere else. I hope this rang a bell to some of you faithful Andy's blog readers because I broke that damn story a month ago right here in "Willie Speaks from the Heart." (See archives) What the wires missed is that Willie wants to make a video for the song at a Dallas gay bar and has interest from several A-list movie stars who want to appear in that video.

There's a broad I read every morning who never fails to point out when she breaks a story that gets reported elsewhere and I'm taking my cues from her. That lady is legendary gossip columnist, eternal defender of all things good and Madonna, Liz Smith.

I saw the eightysomething platinum blond at a dinner Wednesday night at Cafe Grey thrown by Glamour magazine to honor current cover girl Sarah Jessica Parker. Liz Smith is in a Texas-sized league all her own and she beautifully represents the age-old truism that the older you get, the lighter your hair should be. As I walked off the elevator in the Time Warner Pointless Mall, I walked straight into another forever blond, Diane Sawyer, who's another living example of over-60 health and blond-ness.