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on Oct 9, 2006

OK, so I have a hodge podge collage of information on my mind this morning as I try to motivate to go to the gym at my hotel in Los Angeles.

In no particular order, I'm going to dump it directly from my brain ... to yours! (That's kind of HOT, right! Like, I feel CLOSE to you....)

THE CARDS AND THE QUEEN: Last night I watched my beloved St. Louis Cardinals kill the Padres and advance to play the Mets to decide who will represent the National League in the Series. Watching them clinch in their new ballpark made me regret writing my diatribe against the new Busch Stadium a few months ago after I'd visited the park.

When the game was over, I switched gears from Albert Pujols and marvelled at Helen Mirren giving it hard in THE QUEEN. Give the lady a trophy for bringing humanity to a cold monarch who turned her back on England as her people begged her to stand up and say something -- namely that she was sad about the death of the People's Princess. You feel like you spent a chilly week at Balmoral with some insanely uptight tea-drinkers, but come away understanding her struggle. And the guy who plays Tony Blair is amazing.

W AND ME: Last Thursday in my little introduction to my fascinating and not exclusive interview with Project Runway fan fave Michael Knight, I wrote something about George W. Bush that pissed off several Andy's Blog readers. It was some generic slam of the President which by all means certainly had no real rhyme nor reason for being included in my intro to Michael Knight's interview. There were some posts and emails from people saying essentially, WTF do we care about YOUR views of politics and that they ain't coming to this spot for political commentary. Yeah, I get it. Sometimes I get overcome, though, and I can't stop myself.