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Andy earns a spot in OUT magazine's 100 gays of the year!

on Nov 13, 2007

Man do I love a 3 day-er!

The weekend officially started at 4 pm EST on Friday when Donny and Marie actually sang "Little Bit Country, Little Bit Rock n' Roll" on "Oprah". I laughed. I cried. I couldn't get enough. Wow.

That rainy night was the big OUT 100 party at Cipriani Wall Street celebrating OUT's 100 gays of the year issue, in which Tim Gunn and I were fortunate enough to be included. Before the party, Bruce arrived at my house kinda sleepy and not totally in the party zone. I said, "Watch this" and put in the Donny and Marie "Little Bit Country" routine and it worked like a charm. He was ready to go.

Tim Gunn and Tori Spelling "hosted" the event. I didn't see Tori, but I saw the husband in the VIP area. I'd always assumed that he was a complete tool. I think my hunch was right on that one. Tim looked very handsome and was mobbed by homosexuals wanting photos. He gladly complied.

It was a good crowd. I ran into a lot of friends and stumbled right into a full canoodle between "Project Runway 4" designer Jack Mackenroth and "Top Chef Miami" finalist Dale Levitzki. It was very Bravo on Bravo. If they have a baby will it be named "Bravo"? J'adore.