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Andy critiques the Top Chefs on their Today Show appearance.

on Jun 7, 20070

Yesterday was all about "Top Chef" - starting with walking in the office in the morning and hearing Al Roker tease a live TC segment coming up on "Today". I grabbed Frances Berwick and bolted 50 feet to the Today Studios to say hi to Tom, Harold and Ilan. The Today Show kitchens are phenomenal. I'd say they were the best I've seen but in thinking about it... the "Top Chef" kitchen in Miami was FANtastic, as was the one Martha Stewart used on her "Early Show" appearances when I was there... so it might not be the BEST, but I don't think we're doing a "Top Kitchen" show anytime soon so it doesn't matter.

So, the Today kitchen is great and it is always fun to see our Top Chefs cook. The kitchen was classed up by the presence of Tiki Barber in the studio, which was exciting. He is shorter than I thought, but later in the day I got a Tiki-lesson from "Runway" producer (and blogger) Michael Rucker, who told me among other things that Tiki was the shortest running back in history or in 2005 or... I don't know what Rucker told me really I just know we discussed it. And I know it was fun meeting Tiki and that he could not be cooler.

The purpose of my visit was to say hi, but I wound up busting Harold for mumbling the name of his restaurant. It is "Perilla" in case you agree with me that Harold mumbled. We all need to remember that name and it bums me out that every time he says it on TV, he mumbles it. Maybe it's just Harold's mom and I that notice this stuff. (And maybe the mom doesn't notice it at all.)