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Andy Cohen decides the fate of the Boone shoe.

on Oct 26, 2006

It was a "Top Chef" shocker last night when Otto fell on his sword at the judge's table. Otto is such a great guy and I thought that was a damn noble thing to do, whether he took those lychees on purpose or by mistake.

Otto auditioned for season 1 as well and came very close to being cast. This year he brought us all brownies shaped like puzzle pieces that denoted that he hoped he fit in our puzzle. Delish and kinda nutrish. And he got cast. I hated to see him go out that way but I'm glad he was there.

I got a bunch of posts and emails about the size 18 shoe signed by Jason Boone of the NJ Nets that I won at the Palm the other night. May said her son would put it in a trophy case somewhere, but that he is a Cavs fan. (The Cavs are not the Nets, I know that much.) Jo posted and said she goes to Boone's alma mater, UConn, and needs decoration for her dorm room. Jananice suggested auctioning them off on eBay, which was a good idea, and then suggested giving the money to an adoption group that she got her retired racing greyhounds from. I don't know that that particular cause is one that I would be so active in, but it sounds intriguing and I am glad that Jananice is involved on behalf of Andy's Blog!

Katie from Murfreesboro, Tennessee is a first grade teacher who has a classroom full of kids who don't know how to tie their flipping shoes. Even though this Boone shoe must be worth thousands of pesos to diehard fans of the New Jersey Nets, none of whom seem to read this particular blog, I am going out on a limb with my controversial credo that children are our future. I can't rest at night thinking of a bunch of kids in Murfreesboro, Tennessee tripping over their shoelaces on account of me not sending Katie the shoe. So Katie, this shoe is heading to you today! Thanks for playing. Man, it feels good to give back. This is Andy's Angel Network at work, people!!  This shoe is on it's way to Tennessee!