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Why is Andy defending Tom Cruise? Find out.

on Aug 23, 2006

** Is it possible that I woke up on Tom Cruise's side? There's something about Sumner Redstone calling him out for his "unacceptable" behavior that has me defending him. So is Sumney (his pals call him Sumney, see) saying that the unacceptable behavior was general fanaticism related to a cult or jumping on Oprah's couch or just saving Suri for Vanity Fair?

This auf'ing comes, after all, two years after Cruise officially strayed outside the boundaries of normal into crazy, and so now he's not seeming bonkers to me and I need some clarity from Sumney. If he is being canned just for his fantaticism in Scientology then, I dunno, maybe Sumney could've just fired the guy and not told everybody it was because he's crazy? Or just say that he's being fired for his religious beliefs. Does Paramount H.R. know that this is the reason that Cruise got fired? And does GE H.R. know that I am taking Yom Kippur off, or am I crazy and fired? Or am I crazy and fired for disrespectin' Sumney?

** I forgot to mention that I watched a great BBC miniseries called "Line of Beauty" on the plane home from Turkey the other day. (I know you care.) It's set in Thatcher's England and follows a grad student poofter who becomes part of the family of a Conservative MP. The programme (yes I did spell it that way, cheers!) features the three ingredients that make a classic miniseries: AIDS, cocaine, and the French countryside. Rent it!

** I know that everyone's talking about K-Fed's appearance on the very meaningful "Teen Choice Awards" programme (I'm gonna do it again) on Sunday night, but did anyone see Jessica Simpson? She was the evening's biggest bomb. Just the sight of her stooooopid face gave anyone else within 100 yards instant credibility. When she intro'd Britney, the gum chewing pop tart came out suddenly embodying the soul of Mavis Staples. Next to Simpson, I thought K-Fed was being given a "Hip Hop Honors" Lifetime Acheivement Award.