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Andy's reaction to the election.

on Nov 5, 2008

Greetings from Barackefeller Plaza!!!! What a night. I have watched the President - Elect's speech several times and I'm done in by his humility, grace, honor, dignity and optimism in the face of our daunting, uncertain future. He is our President.

His audience was a rainbow of faces taking in his words like water; we need his energy to face what is ahead. Might we compare our country's shift in spirit today to when Reagan took office? And, more importantly, what did we think of Michelle's dress? I was taken aback upon first seeing it, just because it was so unexpected, but I thought she looked like a million bucks. And I love it that she took a chance on a dress that I hear was designed by (Obama supporter and great guy) Narciso Rodriguez. We have a black first lady. History.

How sad, then, that concurrent to history came several states legislating gay hate. I can't adopt a kid in Arkansas or get married in Arizona or Florida. How is it possible that in 2008 we can elect a black president but it's still ok to fear and hate gay people? And we wait with baited breath for California's results to come in...