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Andy prepares for his appearance on The View.

on Apr 26, 2006

So I have been a little off kilter for the last 24 hours because I've been booked for a live appearance on the ladies' gabfest The View (live today) to bring some clips from our hit Outrageous and Contagious Viral Videos. Given that The View is it's very own hub of Viral Videos, I am a little verklempt at the notion of sitting with Star and Co. chit-chatting the morning away. I reacted first with amusement at the news that I'd been booked, but when I got home Monday night and poured myself a glass of wine, my pal Liza called. "You are going to be sitting with THE LADIES! You realize that, right? THE LADIES! And a STUDIO AUDIENCE!" I told her it was too much to think about and quickly got off the phone.

My doorbell rang and behind it stood my dinner companions, World of Wonder Superproducers Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey. When I told them the news they were FULL of bright ideas. "Here's what you need to do," Randy plotted. "Challenge them right there on live TV to make a viral video MOMENT that will be downloaded everywhere! Get Joy to bitchslap Star! Get Star to bitchslap Joy!" Oh man. A Challenge was hatched. A line was drawn. An opportunity was born. I pondered. I can't in good faith go on The View and throw a match to the Joy-Star "thing" and expect to be invited back, right?

I slept on it but in the light of day thought better of it. Yesterday was a flurry of pre-interviews thrown in with a few calls from friends who encouraged me to do something along the lines of what Randy suggested. Last night I went to a very nice, very adult book party for my friend Jon Alter's new Roosevelt opus "The Defining Moment: FDR's Hundred Days and the triumph of Hope" at the Upper West Side palace of CBS News' Harry Smith and Sportscaster Andrea Joyce. Summer for me is shaping up to be Roosevelt at the beach!