Andys Blog

Andy Cohen shares his fashion-filled weekend.

on Sep 12, 2006

Did I really wake up this morning to the Drudge Report headline: "Bush to Bin Laden: America Will Find You?" Isn't this the headline that I woke up to on 9/12 five years ago? It seems kinda rich.

I had dinner last night at Bar Pitti and strolled downtown to get close to the WTC memorial lights that seemed to reach the heavens. I wish Mr. Silverstien and all the memorial planners would realize that they've got the best, most fitting tribute in those lights and leave it at that.

It's fashion week and the city is buzzin'. I ran into Michael and Joan Kors at the Palm the other night. That classic lady said she's getting stopped everywhere from her turn as our Everyday Woman guest judge. Kors said he was calm and excited about his show tomorrow and that he loves every single piece he's sending down the runway.

The reason I was at the Palm on Saturday night -- besides the Gigi salad, fine steaks and Bruce -- was to pay tribute to Bill Persky's 75th birthday. It was a night befitting the man who defined how women are seen on TV, as his "That Girl" star Marlo Thomas said. I sat next to Jane Curtain, who starred in Bill's "Kate and Allie". That is a lady that you want to be seated next to at a dinner. If you ever see a placecard with her name on it, switch it up next to yours.

Bruce and I gave Bill a toast we'd worked on for a week. (That is a long time.) It was a convoluted tale of our being twin sons he gave up in 1967 and forced to be gay in '90 because his daughters started falling for us. The running joke, flawlessly delivered by Bruce in his ode to the soft spoken Smothers Brother, was "WHO is our Mommy?" The big reveal was when we both pointed to Marlo and said "THAT girl"! and ran to hug our Mommy. It was so funny, but did ya kinda have to be there? Is it one of those stories?