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Andy Cohen attends the premiere of Clint Eatwood's new film.

on Oct 17, 2006

We hit the dinner following at the Soho Grand, where a DJ playing "Billie Jean" set the tone for the soiree. I don't think the DJ had seen the same film that the 50 of us had, because he might've altered his 80s dance hits selections for the night. I was ready to vibe out to some Dinah Shore after the film, but that was not to be. We had a good time anyway, and when "Hung Up" came on I surrendered myself to the DJ and realized it was just fine to celebrate on top of a roof looking at midtown and the (lit orange) Empire State Building. It's what Clint would have wanted, I told myself. Not to mention the men of Iwo Jima. They certainly would have wanted us dancing to Madonna following our engagement in their story.

Laura Linney told me of her obsession with Tim Gunn and I went on to some heavy Runway convos with the Slatterys and Quinns. I was also told a story about the woman who was injured at 1997 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade when she was hit by a lamppost felled by an errant balloon. Remember her? She is the SAME woman whose apartment the Yankee flew his plane into last week. Yes, it's true! The Daily News reported it last week; see here.

Though there was food, we split at midnight for some classic late night dining at Florent. Our fave Florent gal invited us to the Halloween dinner, themed "Hex on the City" celebrating the Hex that "Sex and the City" put on our neighborhood when they made it so popular on their show. You take the good, you take the bad.... You get me?

By the way. I ran into Florent who tells me that Legendary drag diva Flotilla de Barge, "the queen of large," is out of jail -- for anyone keeping score.

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