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Andy Cohen encounters eye trouble in L.A.

on Feb 23, 2007

It was OscarMania (tm?) onboard my American Airlines flight to Los Angeles yesterday afternoon.

In First, we had Regis and Joy, Natasha Richardson, Ellen Barkin, and Ted Danson. For anybody not in First, or those who didn't know who was onboard, a very ChitChatty Ponytailed Air Hostess with much "flair" (the TGIFridays kind) basically went seat-to-seat letting all passengers know who was onboard, with a verbal printout of everybody's most up-to-date IMDB profile -- including stuff in development, and what was going on up there. But with Cindy Adams onboard, the ChitChatty lady was hardly necessary.

I wanted to chat up Adams about her boat trip with Judge Judy, Barbara Walters, and Sue Simmons ... or about the alleged abuse and raw condition of Zsa Zsa and Leona Helmsley... but Cindy Adams in person scares the living shit out of me. She was sitting caddycorner to me and I was on gaurd for the entire flight. I even slept alertly. I feel like that lady could blow at any minute. I am certainly fascinated by her hair, though.

On another note, you know how you maybe want to look good at parties and stuff? Well, I have some kind of issue with my eyes that is forcing me to keep them heavily lubricated 24/7 and wear glasses for the next several weeks. So the notion of party-hopping in sunny LA with an eye condition in glasses is like a scene from a bad (not nominated) Woody Allen movie. I'll be all, "Oops, did I get some eye-drops on your gown?? Don't feel bad, I did the SAME THING last night to Salma Hayek. It'll come out, don't freak."