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on Jul 16, 2007

I was able to tune out the madness in the theater and allow myself to be taken away to Hogwarts and HarryVille. I really enjoyed the movie even though everyone has grown up so much that Harry's wide-eyed gee-whizness is not really working too much for me. I look at those kids and think of new body odors and pubic hair and hormones and Hermione's boobs and stuff that I really don't want to be wondering about when worrying about Voldemort. Oh and does Christina Aguilera have an uncredited part in the movie?

The real headline of the movie is the fact that Daniel Radcliffe is the spitting image of Cherie Blair. Put a Cherie Blair wig on him and check it out for yourself! BTW, I am sure Raquel Welch manufactures a Cherie Blair wig if you are looking for one. Bruce was so horrified by everyone's behavior around us that he was thoroughly bored and irritated during the movie. Liza, who was also with us, was half with me (into the movie) and half with Bruce (irritated about the barbarians).

After the movie we went back to the Palm for drinks and dinner. There was a double date happening next to us and three of the four people at the table were on their blackberries for most of their time. Can I pull up a chair?!

I had dinner with some East End pals last night. We swapped stories of people's beastly behavior. They're convinced that the aggression should be blamed on GWB. They think when bullies are in charge, people act like bullies. There's a long theory they have directly relating the President and people's views of him to how people act in the Hamptons. I went with it. When GWB is gone, things should settle down out there for good. I got a speeding ticket on my drive back to the city, which proves that I, too, am a barbarian trying to shove my way to the front.

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