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on Nov 6, 2008

Good morning from Los Angeles, where tonight I am co-hosting Paper Magazine's Superstars of Reality Television party and Award Show with the legendary Mr. Mickey. Paper is a cool magazine and they throw fantastic parties.

This one is going to be a cavalcade of reality faves, which sounds to me like the hottest mess since Bristol Palin. Congratulations to "Top Design" winner Nathan! I thought each of the three houses in last night's finale were beautiful. Preston is coming to tonight's Paper party, by the way, so come ogle him if you're in LA.

And a big shout out to Susan Lucci, who got canned from last night's "Dancing with the Stars". Awwwww. I want Lance to win and I want it to be over. And I want Cloris to come back.

I'm still digesting the emotion of Tuesday night. Man are the stories about Palin starting to come out. Wowsa. Am I actually starting to feel sorry for her? No. You need to know which countries are in North America in order to be Veep. And you need to know that Africa is a continent. Ya just do. I'm going to read NEWSWEEK, that's for sure.