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Andy talks about tonight's Masters, and prepares for a trip to Kentucky and Atlanta.

on Apr 28, 2010

Tonight the cast of "Modern Family" rocks "Top Chef Masters" and the result is a really fun challenge and episode. I don't know if you're watching "9 by Design," but the Novogratz' make everything look so freaking EASY. It's like they poop taste. Well, you know what I mean...

I got a lot of questions on twitter about why the New Jersey wives are doing press without Danielle. Danielle answered that herself this morning on her twitter: "I appreciate all your concern for me- i was asked to do every show with them- I declined for safety reasons that will unfold in season two."

O-tay then.....

For some reason it is wintery today in NYC. And it's going to be 80 on Friday, just in time for me to fly to the Kentucky Derby to host The Oaks on Bravo at 5 EST. I'm psyched to go to the Derby - never been - and to be joined by Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos, Dina Manzo, and a bunch of "Top Chefs" like Michael Voltaggio and Jennifer Carroll.