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The true story of Oprah's 3 strikes against Andy.

on Jan 29, 2006

That was strike 3.

Apparently she had seen CBS THIS MORNING just the day before and caught a snide comment that Mark McEwen, our weatherman who NEVER EVER made snide comments, made about Oprah, her weight loss and something to the effect that if HE had a chef and a trainer then HE'D lose all the weight that she did.

Uh. Oh.

She recounted the entire story to the studio audience and me. Into her microphone the story was projected. She proceeded to say how HURTFUL it was for someone to ASSUME that it's because of her having a trainer and a chef that she was able to lose all the weight. She was not pleased. AGAIN. With ME! I was the living, breathing example of hurt - in front of three hundred women wearing red blazers who loved Oprah as much as I did. They – and she - turned on me. I felt very, very small. And sad.

During the next commercial break I got an urgent beep to call CBS NEWS in New York. It was Bill Owens telling me there'd been a huge explosion in Oklahoma City and that I needed to get on the next plane there. I fought him.

"Bill, I am in the audience at 'Oprah' right now. I can't possibly leave. It REALLY sounds like no big deal to me. Are you SURE I have to go?" I pleaded. "I REALLY think it's best for the show that I stay. She's REALLY mad at Mark, CBS, the show, and this sounds like no story to me. I don't even get what the story is..."

I went to Oklahoma City. I never saw Oprah again. I can't believe I have had the misfortune of screwing up so many times. I am still a fan. And I have no plans to watch her interview with James Frey. I can't handle it.

EDITORS NOTE: Unlike A MILLION LITTLE PIECES, every word of this story is TRUE.