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Andy Cohen chats with gay porn legend Ryan Idol!

on Sep 25, 2007

You may have heard that Joe Mantello is directing the Roundabout Theatre Company's Broadway revival of Terrence McNally's comedy "The Ritz", and you may have heard that it's an outrageous farce set in a gay bathhouse, and you may have heard that the show stars Rosie Perez and Kevin Chamberlin.

But did ya hear that gay porn legend Ryan Idol (his real name is Marc Anthony Donais) makes his Broadway debut in the show? He portrays a patron of the bathhouse. Touche, I say! Buckle up, folks, for a world exclusive interview, and you had better believe that I asked my assistant to hold all calls while Mr. Idol was on the line....

Yeah, I have quite a bit in a few way, way off Broadway productions. The first of which was a play called "Making Porn" about the ravaging of the gay world by HIV. There was someone in the play who was a lot like myself who was an aspiring actor who fell into the porn world but he wanted to act and his wife went into the porn world with him. When she saw how mechanical it was and how it was a business, she realized it was interesting and she tried to convince her husband to get more into it even though he wanted to be an actor.

When I was in it, it really was. It's like show business now, but back in the day when we had the directors like Matt Sterling and Jim Hodges it was mechanical and pieced together.

Lookin' for love in all the wrong places! (laughs) Actually I did PLAYGIRL magazine with my real name, Marc Anthony Donais, and they asked me to be their Man of the Year. They had misled me when I signed the contract and I passed on the honor though. It turns out they had offered it to other people who had passed, too. From there, someone gave my number to a porn scout and someone contacted me and got me hyped up about being in a movie and then I found out it was a porn movie and not just a porn movie, but a gay porn movie....