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Andy Cohen contemplates the "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' "

on Jun 4, 2009

Hola from New Jersey, where I am taping the Jersey Housewives Reunion all day. If I am not back in the city by 8 p.m., somebody call my Mommy and tell her I ain't coming back. Ever.

Congratulations to Branden! The tall boy took it last night in a HUUUUGE upset on Make Me A Supermodel. The money seemed to be on Sandhurst or Jonathan, but the judges went totally gaga for Branden, and came out of there with a unanimous decision. Seems just like yesterday that the goofy farmboy was enchanting everyone at the audition (his first trip to NYC) with his story about the bj he'd gotten on the roof of the NY Hilton the previous evening! That's what you call: Destined to be a Supermodel. Congrats, Branden. There are many more bjs in your future. 

I can't believe I just wrote that. Gross. Sorry. Oversharing. (But I mean it's essentially true, right?)

Tonight is another new episode of The Fashion Show, and it's a good one. I know some of you were grousing about the show at first. Have you stuck with it or given it another chance? It's good! Did you see the article about Fern on HuffPo yesterday? I LOVED what she said.

And did you see Tuesday's Wall Street Journal? They featured a profile of a married guy with two kids who lost his powerful Wall Street job and is now the host at the Tribeca Palm. Carlos is an amazing guy and it's a wild story that everyone's picking up. It's the state of today, people ....