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Andy talks soaps and Erica Cane.

on Feb 8, 2006

he fans loved it. In any theater in New York City, taking flash fotos is not only prohibited but it's considered vulgar - not so in soapland. It was a tsunami of flashbulbs for the entire performance - cameras, phones, and videos - all rules out the window, according to Persky. And they screamed - the character names - all night!

I should take this moment to point out that Adrienne Barbeau ("Maude") is currently appearing onstage in the village as Judy Garland. Just a side note.

At intermission the soap stars mingled with the fans - they are so approachable. They need their fans and they know it, Liza says. As she admired the blue jean jacket of a Susan Lucci Superfan, a very very large denim affair washed with a montage of scenes from AMC on the back and some light bedazzling, she got caught staring and the woman gave her the card of the artist who'd done the magic jacket. All the ladies in the bathroom were talking about how tiny the actresses are, Liza reports.

As Susan Lucci opened act 2 with "'Ol Black Magic" accompanied by four chorus boys, the woman behind Liza occasionally wistfully sighed, "Oh Erica..." The show was followed by an anything-but-silent auction. Anything with Lucci went for a lot. Walt Willey (AMC's "Jackson") knelt on one knee to La Looch and simulated a proposal onstage, presenting her (probably well lubricated at this point) finger with a diamond ring. Flashbulbs went wild - and even wilder when Lucci announced that the ring was for auction. Everything came with an autographed poster, Persky reports. The ring went for thousands - it was fake, but Lucci had touched it.