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Andy recalls some epic party moments.

on Feb 7, 2006

Last night was one of those true one-of-a-kind, pinch yourself Manhattan evenings. About seventy stories above the city, friends gathered at the Rainbow Room to wish Nathan Lane a Happy Birthday. The room was full with laughter and people dressed up and music from a big band and warmed by the city lights around us, the stars above us, and love everywhere.

There was a full-scale show, performances paying tribute to the birthday boy featuring a cast of legends: Elaine Stritch, Patti LuPone, Neil Simon, Mel Brooks, Matthew Broderick, Julie Halston, Marc Shaiman, Scott Whittman, Mario Cantone, and Bette Midler (among others). Each performance was truly remarkable - each very personal and full of love, life and humor, like the man they honored.

When you share the down elevator with Stanley Donen, Elaine May, the Seinfelds, and Kitty Carlisle Hart, you know you've been to an interesting party. I felt lucky to be there.

I went to bed dreaming of parties past and future. I love parties so much. (Of course I love the Bravo series "Party/Party" too.) I hate missing them and I love throwing them.

For my 25th birthday party, my pal Graciela threw me a surprise party that was no surprise at all. I helped her plan the entire thing, including the guest list, food, music and what the excuse would be that would get me to my apartment at 9pm on a Saturday night. Leaving dinner at Florent that night, my friend announced that he had to go number 2, couldn't do that in public places, and since I lived around the corner we had to go to my place.

I got very nervous and didn't put up the screaming fight I would have had I not fully known that a party awaited me. By the time we got to my pad I was trembling with fear that I was going to unlock my door and have to perform, to ACT surprised in front of 60 friends happy to surprise me. I needn't have worried because I actually WAS surprised - by the experience of having 60 people smiling and screaming at me when I walked in the door. It was SHOCKING. Actually terrifying.